User name created by mushing together "Maewen" and "megane". I like the Galileo series and BL best, although not necessarily together. Anything by Higashino Keigo is pretty awesome, really. Also pretty awesome is anything with Shibasaki Kou in it. I enjoy video games on everything portable and PC and PS3.
Ko Shibasaki Live Tour 2013

Ko Shibasaki Live Tour 2013

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Shibasaki Ko and Galaco greet each other.

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Friendly reminder that there are no obligations in animal crossing:

  • You don’t have to give away your popular villager
  • You don’t have to play a certain way to please other people
  • You can time travel. Or not.
  • You can collect “dream villagers” or you can take what you get.
  • You can pay off your house in a day with turnips, or stay in your tent for a month.

there are no. obligations. in. animal crossing.

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Just for you, Chief. 

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First teaser for Takashi Miike’s upcoming horror movie “Over Your Dead Body” (Kuime) starring Ebizo Ichikawa, Kou Shibasaki, and Hideaki Ito.

The movie is a modern take of the classic Japanese horror story “Yotsuya Kaidan”. Ichikawa and Shibasaki play actors in the stage play version, Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan. Over time, the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred as the murderous, vengeful themes of the play bleed into their own personal relationship.

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@ Ichiban Song SHOW 04.16.2014

Narrator: Shibasaki Kou’s Secret… During the recording of her hit song KISS shite, she was ????? by Fukuyama Masaharu! Shibasaki Kou performs as special unit “KOH+” with Fukuyama Masaharu and they released KISS shite in 2007. This song made our list of top “love songs you want to hear in spring”. The song writing and producing was all done by Fukuyama and today we asked Shibasaki about how the recording went! 

Shibasaki: Fukuyama-san is really particular about every detail of his work, so he was working on the song up until the day of recording, suddenly changing the lyrics and such. He was rewriting the lyrics up until the very last minute, making them sound better or to be easier to hear with the music.

Narrator: How did he treat you during recording?

Shibasaki: He never gets mad. You can tell he’s totally relaxed. When we were recording he was the producer… and I mean, he’s cool! You know how he looks. But as my producer his presence was even bigger than usual and he was very confident. When I would start complaining like, “Ugh, I can’t get this part right…” he’d be so calm and just tell me “It’s fine, don’t worry about it!”. He compliments and praises you to build your confidence and so by the end of the recording I felt really great.

Narrator: That’s right Shibasaki Kou’s Secret is… During the recording of her hit song KISS shite, she was given lavish praise by Fukuyama Masaharu! 

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